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This article is somewhat unusual in comparison to all previous ones, because it’s more like a conclusion and the summaryzing of the previous articles of this season. This is an example of interaction between the components of which I wrote recently: interprocess communication, command manager, the registration of extensions. Example I named so because it was chosen as an example of Notepad++, but due to the fact that this program only shows the options capability in close to real-life, we get a minus-minus.

You can name the current compilation of the backbone for further development. Now the program can open by clicking on the file with a registered extension, the file opens in new tabs, or, if you ask, then close all other tabs and the file will open in a single tab. There will always be running only one instance at one time.

I think that I should still consider how it works in reality. Focusing only on the differences that have emerged in real life. At the same time and will be seen asdescriptive material is different from a working prototype.

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Interprocess Communications

I have been interested for a long time how to do so that the one instance was running only. I mean I have known in theory with the help of what it should be done, but I haven’t tried yet..Another very interesting thing is how to do as for instance I open an Excel spreadsheet and it does not open in another application, but the fact that is already open. This course enrages sometimes, but still technology is interesting.

The rustling in the Internet has brought to what is called Interprocess Communication (IPC) and there are many ways how to implement it, depending on the ultimate goal, whether you have only one instance, or as in Excel, or something else. Further study of the issue and gave birth to this article.

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