I am software developer in well-known huge company. I won’t say the name, because of all these legals, rumors, prejudges and other stuff like this that I prefer to avoid. C# is my tool of choice and also I addicted to GUI’ design and creating custom user’s controls. It’s not the main activity of our department in company and as the result I have a bunch of knowledge that is not used in team. In this case knowledge doesn’t grow and return to me as something new. I hope that this blog help me to represent to you the most part of the knowledge that can be useful for you, and as a result of your’s experiment something new back to me.

I practice  Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Design, Extreme programming, Agile, SCRUM for two years already. If you are interested in this, mail me and I uncover it in future posts.

Write emails for me on blog@violet-tape.net =)

p.s. All the same in Russian

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